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Sea Centric Gin

Our Curio Wild Coast gin is perfect for making Savoury and briny cocktails like the Dirty Martini.

Distilled since 2012 using sustainable fresh local ingredients of rock samphire and kombo seaweed creating the local merroir from our wild coast in Cornwall evoking a sense of sea place.

Our small batch distilling ensures a high. quality product and elegant flavours - for drinks explorers, mixologists and gift lovers.



Judges Tasting Notes:one might not imagine samphire as the most obvious lead botanical in a Gin but by gum, they’ve pulled it off! Firstly this is a great Gin in its own right, with depth, complex flavour profile and a wonderfully resonant long finish. The samphire just adds a very delicate layer of saline lift on the nose and palate, a faintly salty tang. A really cleverly conceived and crafted Gin, Bravo!