4 Easy-to-make Curio Gin Summer Cocktails

4 Easy-to-make Curio Gin Summer Cocktails

Now that summer seems to be finally on the horizon, it seems apt to share some delicious drinks recipes that are easy to make at home! With early evening BBQs and last-minute get-togethers, these 4 cocktails offer something for everyone and use ingredients and mixers that are easy to find and quick to throw together!

The Cornish Cup

Using one of our own spirits, this light drink is the perfect summer refreshment, and it's super easy to put together. Make a jug if you've got people coming over, or throw a couple together for a tasty pre-dinner treat. Just remember plenty of ice! 50ml Curio Cornish Cup 100ml Ginger Ale A squeeze of orange Orange zest to garnish

The Cornish Lemonade

Like the classic London Lemonade, but with a twist! Using our rock samphire gin to evoke the fresh aromas of the Cornish Coast, this simple mixer is always a crowd-pleaser. Use high-quality lemonade (or try making your own!) and serve over plenty of ice for a truly refreshing drink. 25ml Curio Rock Samphire Gin 100ml Lemonade (we recommend Franklin & Sons Ltd.) Lemon zest & mint to garnish

The Greyhound

If gin isn't your thing, then this zingy vodka based cocktail is just as good. Pairing warm cardamom with zesty grapefruit makes for a balanced and easy-drinking cocktail- and it's a beautiful summery colour! 50ml Curio Cardamom Vodka 200ml Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water (or grapefruit & soda will do). A squeeze of lime Lime zest to garnish

Elderflower Southside

This super refreshing cocktail is like a mojito, but with gin (which, in our opinion, improves any drink!), and made with elderflower tonic for a sweet twist. Serve over lots of ice, and with plenty of mint. 50ml Curio Fly Navy Gin 200ml Luscombe Elderflower Tonic The juice of one lime A handful of mint leaves Let us know what your favourite summer cocktail recipes are, and tag us in your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #CurioSummerSpirit Curio summer gin cocktails Curio summer gin cocktails
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