SOME NEWS- We're changing our bottles!

SOME NEWS- We're changing our bottles!


Curio gin new bottlesIn our mission to continue to become more responsible with our products, we are currently undergoing a process to adapt our Curio Spirits bottles.

Currently our bottles are produced in France, but in order to reduce our carbon footprint we are on the hunt for a UK-based company that can do the job for us and help us create a new bespoke Curio bottle. At the moment our bottles are not made with 100{749aa8a590ccaf22a007dda199323726599a5b07bf8f77f7daecd3520b5d1560} recycled glass. They contain flint, which gives the tone of the glass a lighter look, and is considered premium: but it comes at a cost for both us and the environment. We are, of course, premium in all that we produce and proud of it, but we want our packaging to embody our environmentally-driven ethos and become entirely recyclable. If we manage to complete this mission we'll be the first spirit company in Cornwall and one of very few in the UK to be bottling our product in a 100{749aa8a590ccaf22a007dda199323726599a5b07bf8f77f7daecd3520b5d1560} recycled bottle. In keeping with this mission, we are also replacing the glass stoppers in our bottles with recyclable wooden ones. Our new labels will be printed on recyclable paper, too. Not only will this mean that our product itself is more environmentally friendly, as well as being locally sourced, it will also mean that the new bottles will be lighter and therefore require less fuel to transport. We're super excited to embark on this eco-mission, and we know that you, our lovely customers, will be too. William and Rubina xxx
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