Curio Spirits introducing flavours far less ordinary

Curio Spirits introducing flavours far less ordinary

A new range of artisan spirits, inspired by fragrant botanicals and natural ingredients, looks set to captivate curious connoisseurs of fine liquors across the UK.

Curious by nature and Curio by name, the genre-redefining range from Cornwall includes age-old ingredients such as rock samphire and cardamom to create tipples that are curiously attractive and flavoursome with every sip.

First from the small-batch distillery, at Mullion in the far south of Cornwall, is Rock Samphire Gin.

Rock samphire, or sea fennel, from Cornish cliffs adds a distinctive spicy texture to the gin and captures the light, fresh aromas of the Cornish coast.

The gin, sourced with Cornish spring water, is quadrupled distilled with 15 other fragrant botanicals, including Kombu seaweed sourced by The Cornish Seaweed Company, to create a delicious gin, so smooth and of such exceptional quality it can be imbibed on its own with ice and garnish.

Augmenting the Curio range of handcrafted spirits is Curio Cardamom Vodka. Again using pristine Cornish spring water, Curio Cardamom Vodka infuses organic cardamom seeds to forge a spicy-yet-citrus instilled short that although smooth, leaves a warming aftertaste on the palate.

Curio is the creation of husband and wife team William and Rubina Tyler-Street who set out in 2012, to introduce a range of bespoke spirits that once tried, would entice and beckon.

Rubina said: William and I love to travel and explore new flavours, and found that there were few clear spirits that captured the essence of adventure with something that could be savoured and sipped.

So we set about devising what flavours work well and, after two years and many enjoyable sessions of creating and sampling, have come up with a range that has quickly attracted a loyal following.

Also loyal to the Curio ethos of creating flavours from natural botanicals, is its vodka infused with Peruvian cocoa nibs.

The Peruvian cocoa nibs, ethically sourced from The Chocolarder, create a heavenly, sophisticated, smooth chocolate tasting vodka after being ground and distilled four times.

William added: Our aim is to create spirituous beverages by being curious with botanicals and ingredients that reflect our culture, heritage and locality. We want to give the consumer a little bit of utopia with every sip.

Currently undergoing research and development with the expertise of a renowned Master Distiller, a chemist and a head chef is the third vodka in the range. The, as yet unnamed, vodka will feature Cornish seaweed as its main botanical ingredient to create a vodka with umami, or the fifth taste', in what is considered a world first.

William said: Curio will introduce small-batch spirits that are adventurous and selectively seducing. We dare you to be curious and try out our flavours.

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