Happy World Gin Day


Happy World Gin Day! Here's some facts about gin you didn't know¦

You'll be able to impress your friends while you're celebrating our favourite calendar day in the pub with these unusual gin facts and figures¦ It Originally Came from Holland The English only discovered gin while fight in the Dutch War of Independence in the 17th century. They brought the spirit back with them, which eventually became the London-style gin we know and love 150 years later. The Juniper is Almost Always Wild Unlike a lot of popular fruit and vegetables, juniper berries are more commonly picked wild, and are not cultivated in masses. Gin was added to the Tonic, Not the Other Way Around Indian Tonic Water was originally drunk to avoid malaria, and gin was added to mellow the bitter taste and make the medicinal tonic' go down easier. Now we see the quality of our tonic to be as important as our gin when making our favourite mix. Tasting The best way to compare gin is to taste is at room temperature with an equal measure of water: this evenly uncovers qualities and flaws. The British Don't Drink the Most Gin Surprisingly, it's not us Brits who sup on our national tipple the most. Apparently the Philippines dominate approximately 43{749aa8a590ccaf22a007dda199323726599a5b07bf8f77f7daecd3520b5d1560} of the global gin market, and they even have their own word for the gin-drinking season: Ginuman'. The Juniper Berry is Not Actually a Berry Technically the juniper berry is a female seed cone, a pinecone with fleshy and merged scales that give it the appearance of a berry. Who knew?

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