Gool Peran Lowen! Happy St Pirans Day!

As the national Cornwall day is upon we wanted to share our appreciation of Cornishness that not only holds great significance to our communities, friends and family and the land we inhabit; Cornishness runs through Curio. We love Cornwall and all things Cornish. From having discovered the magical energies that can only originate in Cornwall we found, soon as arriving in this edge of the world part of the country, that we belonged. We have entwined our feelings that Cornwall ensued and directed those energies into what we love hand-crafting. Bringing the wildness to you in a bottle with our Wild Coast gin as well as the great botanical ingredients that are all locally sourced to create what is clearly Curio. Finding a sense of belonging not just in the natural spaces that are in abundance but with the people, things going on in the towns, being able to socialise with like-minded individuals and exploring opportunities of taste and creativity with others. Sourcing good food, good company and mutual passionate support of anything Cornish. Creating a sense of peace within yourself when engrossed in the wildness of the coast. Being able to witness the expressive strength that Cornwall shows through its weather, secret paradises and locations of tranquillity.
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