Cornish vodka - another accolade

Cornish Vodka by Curio - among the top nine flavoured vodkas on the market

Our Cornish vodka, specifically the Curio Cocoa Nib Vodka, has been receiving accolades. The Independent has labelled the Cornish vodka as one of the nine best flavoured vodkas on the market at the moment. Here's what they have to say: The beautifully packaged vodkas from Cornish distiller Curio endear themselves before you've even tasted them, with their sweet squat bottles and pared-back design. But as you know, we're not ones to judge books by their covers. And though we have to acknowledge the brand's very aromatic and floral Cardamom Vodka, it's the Cocoa Nib Vodka that has us salivating. With a slightly milky chocolate nose, there's no heat or spice from the triple-distilled vodka spirit, which has been infused with Peruvian Cocoa Nibs. It's kind of like a boozy version of the chocolate milk you have left after your Coco Pops, but with a hint of lemon cutting through it. It's nostalgia and refinement all in one. Good enough to sip neat, though we can imagine this in an Espresso Martini. Mocha Martini anyone? Read the full article here. cornish vodka
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