10 Curious Gin Mixers

To mix or not to mix? Discover Curious Gin Mixers to try. An expensive,premium gin is arguably best drunk straight and sipped slowly, with a cube or two of ice and if you want to go overboard “ a slice of lime or lemon, or whichever garnish floats your gin boat. However, gin and tonic go hand in hand like tea and cake, fish n' chips, bacon and egg. It's hard to get the Brits to think outside of the box when it comes to traditions, but take a brave, pioneering step away from tonic and a whole world of gin mixers opens up. From fruits to herbs, vegetables to egg, here's a quick Curio guide to the best alternative (and slightly curious) gin mixers out there.
  1. Blackberry and sloes. Tis the time of year to get in the hedge and begin to pick nature's bounty. Not only could you land yourself a decent blackberry and apple crumble and a bottle or two of sloe gin, but crème de mur and / or a dash of sloe gin bring an autumnal and seasonal feel to any gin cocktail. Don't forget to garnish with fresh blackberries.
  2. Egg white = gin fizz. If you haven't heard or tried this classic cocktail, we won't judge you, but one of the (optional) ingredients is raw egg white, obviously unsuitable for some, but if you can stomach it, then you get a richer, silkier gin cocktail with added protein. What's not to like?! Remember to sweeten and perk up with sugar syrup and lemon juice.
  3. Honey honey. Not an obvious one, but definitely worth a try. Only do it with a really good quality raw honey as the taste will be showcased alongside the gin. Mix the honey in a little water first to create a tasty sugar syrup, then add gin and lemon juice.
  4. Herb-infused sugar syrups. From tarragon to basil, rosemary to lavender, lemongrass to mint, the number of garnishes that will take your gin into a different orbit are seemingly endless. Heat two cups of sugar with one cup of water and add a handful of your favourite herb, stir until the sugar is dissolved, simmer for a couple of minutes, cool and store in an airtight container and hey presto. One herb mixer.
  5. Fruit Juice. An obvious one, you may think, but we are steering away from the more usual citrus options. We're going tropical with a suggestion of passionfruit juice, rhubarb, apricot, orange, pomegranate and any other fruits that take your fancy. Either add in juice form or slice and throw in as a garnish.
  6. Jam & Marmalade. The ease of stirring in a couple of teaspoons of jam make it easy to tart up or sweeten any gin combination without having to bother with sugar syrup or a fruit juice. Apricot is a good choice, but have a go too with marmalade, what about a Marmalade Gin Collins with a camomile flower or two to add a bit of prettiness? Now you're talking¦
  7. Coconut water. Ridiculously on trend but, it's hydrating and full of nutrients so why not throw it into a gin cocktail instead of the standard tonic and trick yourself into thinking it's a healthy option? Nudge nudge, wink wink. You'll need to add flavour and sweetness for extra healthy indulgence (!).
  8. A ripe tomato. Tomatoes are not just for Bloody Marys (although they do taste delicious with vodka). If you've got a glut of late summer tomatoes “ take a big one, or two smaller ones, and blitz up with your gin, before straining into a glass for glorious taste and freshness. Delicious. Works best with a dry gin, like Tyler Street Gin.
  9. Go Green. Take apple, fennel and cucumber, throw them into a juicer, and add to a chilled glass with your gin of choice and a squeeze of lemon or lime. No tonic needed, just a green fruity freshness that's transformed your gin into the healthiest smoothie!
  10. Fizz. From ginger beer to soda water, even Appletiser- the fizz options for gin are bigger than tonic. However, if you do feel like going for an old classic - Curio's best tasting partner-in-crime is Franklin & Sons' tonic water. The combination of Staffordshire water, British sugar and the highest carbonation possible, lift, rather than mask the botanicals of our Curio gin. And what's more “ the ingredients are hand-picked and completely natural. So get fizzing!
Each of our Curio Spirits has its perfect partner. Discover more and get experimenting!
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